Best Juicers Guide 2017 – Happy Juicing With Us!

best juicers guide 2017Welcome to best juicers guide 2017 where you will find everything about juicing. What do you think of when we say juicing? Juicing is all about taking advantage of nature’s gifts that brings us joy and happiness.

Juice is a drink that we get from squeezing fresh fruits and vegetables. Beautiful colors, taste and smell of juices take us to the world of nutritious liquid food. But juicing isn’t just a drink.

Juicing can be an important part of your healthy way of living. It can have a vital role in children physical development and education about importance of healthy nutrition. Why should you juice? Juicing different kinds of fruits and vegetables will bring you many positive changes in your health and attitude. Starting your day with a freshly squeezed juice will bring you energy for the whole day!

With regular juicing you will feed your body cells with natural food that body recognizes. Our body needs macronutrients and micronutrients so it can operate properly. With a glass of quality juice you can get many important nutrients that your body needs for processes that occur in your body.

Juicing has the ability to maintain your health balanced, and also help you to beat diseases. It fights with stress and negative influences from the environment (toxins, pesticides, polluted air,..).People who juice are more energetic, free of diseases and have no problems with everyday fatigue due to busy schedule. We invite you to step into the colorful juicing world with us that can bring you much joy in your life.

Best Juicers Guide 2017

The market is full of variety of juicers that have different way of working. In general, juicer is a kitchen machine that extracts juice from vegetables and fruit. Freshly squeezed juice is a result of such extracting. Some juicers work with a centrifugal power and others work with a cold press technology.

How do You Recognize a Juicer?

A juicer or juicing machine is a kitchen tool that has a pulp container, a lid for extracting juice and (some of them) accessories to help ingredients to extract. Many people don’t know what is a difference between a blender and a juicer when they see one. A blender is a machine with tall container where you put your ingredients to blend. A juicer is larger machine that looks more complicated. It has blades or a mechanism that squeezes ingredients to produce juice.

You will recognize a juicer by having a lid from which juice will flow out. Blenders don’t have a lid; they blend everything in one container. The result is a smoothie.

What Juicer Types do We Know?

Juicers differ in terms of performance, engine power, shape and size, and efficiency.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are popular among people and strong. They work at higher speeds and extract juice fast due to centrifugal system. Juicer machines also differ in shape. It is necessary to choose one who will get a permanent place on the kitchen counter. Centrifugal juicers are upright and compact.

Breville BJE200XL Compact JuicerThese juicers can extract juice from vegetables but are not suitable for extracting leafy vegetables as spinach, lettuce, kale, wheatgrass and similar. They are a good choice for those who want to drink their juice quickly, and for those who mainly like to enjoy fruit juice.

Centrifugal juicers are available in department stores and are the cheapest regarding all types of juicers on the market. Loudness is a disadvantage in these juicers. Juice that came out from centrifugal juicer has fewer nutrients than a juice from a masticating juicer due to high RPM.

Because juice from centrifugal juicer has small amounts of nutrients, it is best to drink it immediately after preparation.

Masticating Juicers

The masticating models have a weaker motor than centrifugal juicers, they rotate slower, and the speed can’t be changed. Sometimes we can change the speed for a short time, when a certain piece of fruit or vegetable stumbles and blocks operation. They are considerably quieter than centrifugal juicers (due to low RPM).

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center JuicerThe masticating juicer shape depends on the position of the screw. If it is vertical, the juice can look a bit like centrifugal in appearance, but if it is horizontal, it reminds us of a meat cutter. This type of juicer can enable you to ground seeds and nuts, and extract juice from leafy vegetables and herbs.

A masticating juicer will bring you more nutrients in a glass of juice than centrifugal due to low RPM. These are more expensive but have many benefits. Due to high amounts of nutrients, you can store your drink in a refrigerator for one day. Anyway, we recommend that you prepare the amount of juice that you will be able to drink at once.

Wheatgrass Juicers

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain PlusWheatgrass juicers are also a part of our best juicers guide 2017. These are special type of juicers that are meant for extracting wheatgrass, herbs, sprouts and leafy vegetables. It isn’t a good choice, if you want to extract fruits too.

Wheatgrass juice is the foundation of many natural treatments, as it has exceptional properties in body regeneration. You can choose between manual or electric models.

Which Type of Juicer is Appropriate for You?

You need to consider certain questions that influence the decision of buying a juicer. It is important to ask yourself what you will juice, because there are some ingredients that are not suitable for each juicer. This includes leafy vegetables, berries, grapes, herbs, etc.

For example, most centrifugal juicers can’t extract herbs or wheatgrass. So it is necessary to know all about a specific juicer before buying one. Some prefer the purest juice, while others love the juice with fruit pieces. The frequency of usage is also a big factor when buying a juicer. It is a difference, if we juice every day or two to three times a month.

Last but not least is the price. The price range for juicers is incredibly wide, but we recommend that you don’t opt for the cheapest version, as it will eventually only adorn the drawer with the appliances. The centrifugal juicer is best recommended for beginners. More demanding users will satisfy with the juicers with a single screw, and the most expensive are the double gears juicers intended for the most demanding users.

All About Juicing – The World of Nutritious Liquid Food

In the introduction we mentioned some of the benefits of juicing. But we want to show you the real power of juices. Which is a vegetable juice that has exceptional nutritional and healing value?

ecological vegetablesIt is freshly squeezed juice from naturally grown plants, without the pesticides use, and artificial fertilizers (these chemicals cause disease).

Juicing is good for our health even if the plants aren’t completely ecological, because toxins are mostly bound in fibers that are discarded.

Natural Juice is an Elixir of Health

Fresh juices aren’t concentrated foods; they are much more than this. They are liquid enzyme-rich medicinal foods. They’re kind of a natural infusion. Juices digest immediately after drinking them, usually takes for a quarter of an hour.

ultimate juicing bookIf you are looking for an ideal everyday dietary supplement of vitamins and minerals, choose vegetable juice! It contains the best water, which organically bounds in the food. This water easily absorbs into cells (which doesn’t apply to unbound water).

If we eat cooked food, the fiber in raw or cooked vegetables is an important digestive stimulant. Otherwise vitamins and minerals from fresh raw vegetables are much easier to use, if the fibers are eliminated. Natural juice is an elixir of health.

In our best juicers guide 2017 we should mention Dr. Norman Walker, a long-living physician who describes which juice to use in the treatment of which disease. He describes it in his book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices where he represents a series of recipes. Even if his nutrition isn’t close to you, you might love his juicy medicines.

What You need for Juicing?

For juicing you need a quality juicer, centrifugal (spinning a blade) or masticating (where the rolling mill squeeze and extract). Masticating juicers are more appropriate for juicing vegetables. They have a higher efficiency, with almost no fiber mixing, and the juice oxidizes less (the formation of foams is a sign of oxidation). Did we forget something? Well yes, you also need some ingredients that will make you a perfect juice.

What to Juice?

It’s best to juice vegetables. Fruits should be eaten whole, as there are high concentrations of sugar in its juice. High sugar concentration causes excessive insulin secretion, and thus burdens the pancreas. If you extract oranges, drink a substantial part of the pulp (hard particles) with a juice.

Avoid juicing grapes, watermelons, pears and other fruits with high concentrations of sugars, as you can have an insulin shock (severe nausea). Of course, some fruits are juiced; cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes … We also juice roots, but moderately, since they can have quite a lot of sugar.

Juicing Preparation

Wash vegetables and fruits, and cut off oxidized parts (brown or rotten). We generally don’t peel them, only cut them into enough large parts to be taken by the juicer. A high quality (masticating) juicer can take the pulp that remains of the juice, once or twice more, and extract an extra amount of juice from it. This will make a bit more dense particles in the juice.

When to Drink It?

woman drinking juiceDrink the juice immediately after you prepare it. A juice will quickly oxidize with the contact with air. If you aren’t used to drink large quantities, start with one deciliter of drink.

A suitable daily amount for an adult is 2-3 dl, while some also drink significantly more, or more times a day, depending on the nutrition and health problems.

Vegetable juices are more or less bitter. You can sweeten them with one tablespoon of unheated honey per liter of juice. With the help of honey juice can also be conserved for short period of time.

The addition of unheated honey doesn’t interfere with the pancreas functioning, as almost all of the honey changes into digestive enzymes. In order to make better use of vitamins and minerals in the juice, we also eat a spoon of fat (raw sour cream, cold pressed linseed oil, etc.). Some nutrients in the juice are soluble in fat only.

Juice Storage

Best juicers guide 2017 also teaches you how long you can store your juice in the refrigerator. We can juice for immediate drinking or for a few days in advance. Extracted juice can be preserved with unheated honey (one tablespoon per liter of juice) for 2-3 days.  After 3-4 days, the juice begins to ferment, which is not harmful, but it can trigger strong cleansing reactions that are felt as symptoms.

Pour the glass jars to the top so that the air in them is as small as possible (leave the room by 1-2 tablespoons of liquid), seal them firmly, and place it in the refrigerator. Take the juice from the refrigerator one hour before drinking it.

Juicing Health Benefits

Juicing will bring you changes in your mood and health. It will detoxify your entire body and balance your body organs. In addition, juices will feed you with the nutrients that your body recognizes and will have easy task to digest them.

Juices will also heal you from different kinds of modern diseases. Juices cure eczemas, cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes and obesity, ulcers, and other common health situations. Now let’s take a look the benefits of juicing.

juicing for healthVitamins, minerals and enzymes in juices are crucial for a healthy body, and for this reason, juicing is always an important part of any detoxification process.

Drinking juices is an extremely effective way of hydrating the body cells, because the juices are filled with electrolytes, which help our cells absorb fluid and eliminate waste material, while enzymes give energy for such processes. Alkaline organic minerals purify our body and detoxify it.

When we drink juice, we consume a huge amount of nutrients. While we have difficult time eating 2 kilograms of fruit and vegetables at once, it is much easier to get the same amount of nutrients in juices. Our digestive system also has less work, and spends less energy for digestion, if we take the juice instead of consuming whole fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are relatively difficult to digest, while the body easily saps nutrients from juices. This way it saves with energy and allows the digestion system to rest.

Juicing is The Easiest Way to Stay Healthy and Fit

Juicing is the best way to stay healthy and prevent diseases to weaken your body. With this best juicers guide 2017 you can choose which is the right juicer for you. Juices are rich with enzymes and antioxidants that will be digested fast and wont burden your digestive system (as smoothies do).  Juices are used for treating different kinds of diseases. Some experts think that every disease can be healed with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Remember, it is always best to juice vegetables with a little amount of fruit.

All you need to do is to choose the right juicer machine regarding your needs and budget. Ask yourself why will you juice, and what do you expect from a juicer. With our knowledge, you will have easier time to choose the best juicer for you.

People have poor nutrition habits and what is best than including juicing into your life? Your family members will love it as you can prepare different kinds of juices. They can be your morning energy drink or an afternoon snack. Juicing is a perfect way to convince children that vegetables are tasty, good and healthy.

You have plenty reasons for getting your juicer and start enjoying in various flavors and health benefits of juicing!