Ninja Master Prep Professional Review

Ninja Master Prep Professional ReviewNinja Master Prep Professional review will present you this unique kitchen machine. Nowadays, healthy living is a trend that many people follow. Preparing healthy meals, smoothies, soups and sauces has never been easier.

Are you preparing for a diet or just want to change your eating habits?

Great, because you are on the right site! Today I will present you this indispensable kitchen tool that can make your meals healthy and delicious at the same time.

Read this Ninja Master Prep Professional review and find out if this kitchen tool is going to make you a ninja in your kitchen.

Ninja Master Prep Professional Review – Be a Ninja in your Kitchen

Ninja Master Prep Professional is a professional kitchen tool that will prepare delicious meals and smoothies in no time. It is perfect for chopping, blending, mixing and pureeing.

This professional kitchen tool includes:

  • 450-Watt Power Pod
  • 16 oz. Chopper Bowl
  • Chopper Splash Guard
  • 1 Chopper Storage Lid
  • 40 oz. Processor Bowl
  • Stacked 4 Blade Assembly
  • 48 oz. Pitcher
  • Pitcher Splash Guard
  • Stacked 6 Blade Assembly
  • 1 Storage Lid for the 48/40 oz. Pitchers

Technical Details

This Ninja Master Prep Professional kitchen system has next technical details:

  • Model #: QB1004
  • Voltage: 120V., 60 Hz.
  • Power: 450 Watts
  • Item dimensions: 7.12 x 19 x 11.12 in
  • Item weight: 7.08 lbs
  • Material type: Plastic
  • Size: 48 Ounces
  • Bowl Capacity: 500 ml (16 Ounces) (2 cups)
  • Pitcher Capacities: 1.5 L (48 Ounces) (6 cups) + 1.2 L (40 Ounces) (5 cups)

What Can you do with Ninja Master Prep?

This tool is allowing you to prepare your favorite meals and smoothies in no time. With this kitchen item you can blend, chop, mix and puree, so it is a multifunction device that shorten the preparation time for a user.

It will save your precious time in the kitchen and help you to enjoy all the nutrients that you need for normal functioning.salsa

Chop the onion and carrot for a sauce, puree your favorite vegetable soup or salsa, blend a smoothie bomb full of nutrients and mix your milk shake for a perfect meal on the road. This is possible with Ninja Master Prep Professional.

Tips and hints for using the device

With the chopping blades you can chop meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, etc. If you want to mince, chop and make a puree, you should increase the length of pulses. Use short and quick pulses for coarse chopping.

It is better to chop larger pieces of food into 1-inch cubes; this is especially recommended for hard foods like meat and cheese.

This kitchen expert crushes ice too. If you want to get snow from ice just start with short pulses and watch ice changing into snow. This technique is excellent for smoothies, beverages and cocktails.

Which are the Benefits?

SharkNinja developed a high quality kitchen helper that is user-friendly. Take a look what benefits it has:

  • Easy to use (only one big start button)
  • Easy to clean (no parts that food can stuck)
  • It can be cleaned in the dishwasher (except power pod)Ninja is BPA free
  • Easy to operate
  • Nonslip bottoms (pitcher & bowl)
  • Nice modern design
  • Stainless steel design
  • Powerful
  • Evenly chopped food
  • Versatility of usage
  • NO Big chunks of food
  • Faster food preparation
  • Convenient storage lids
  • BPA free

We shouldn’t forget that it can self-clean too. You just pour water in the bowl or pitcher and you pulse it a few times.

What is BPA?

The best benefit that this product has is the fact that it doesn’t include BPA. It is a chemical that many manufacturers include in their plastic products. BPA is a chemical with estrogenic activity (EA) that affects our health badly.

Dr. George Bittner states that this compound is causing altered functions of reproductive organs, it causes early menarche, reduce sperm counts, and increase the rate for cancer.

I am really glad that this company doesn’t use this dangerous chemical in their products, it shows respect to customers.

Who Can Use the Ninja Device?

There are no limitations who can use this professional kitchen multifunction product. Who will like this item?

  • Beginner cooks
  • Professional chefs
  • Children (they should use the item ONLY with parents or with the adult person)
  • People with no experience in the kitchen
  • Obese people who want to lose weight
  • Athletes and sports people
  • Diabetics
  • People with cardiovascular problems

…and others, so make delicious meals and beverages in a matter of seconds!

How Much Does it Cost?

You get the Ninja Master Prep Professional package for super low price. It is a good price for the chopper bowl, processor bowl and the pitcher that are powerful to blend, mix and chop.

 Money Back Guarantee60 day money back guarantee

The company is giving a 60-day money back guarantee for the purchased product that doesn’t fit you. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it to them in 60 days after the purchase.


I’m loving this blender! This thing has been working very nicely so far! I’ve used it maybe 15 times without issues. Will update if anything changes with performance

Devon Miller

makes fixing big meals fast and easy. Bought one for my parents and used theirs for a long time before my husband bought me this one for Christmas. Works great only needs a word of caution the blades are extremely sharp be careful where you store them.


I had been wanting a Ninja for a while, but couldn’t afford the large size, so I found this one. It’s the perfect size for 1 person. I use it for smoothies almost everyday. I have quite a few blenders, but I would say this one works the best!


Is it Worth the Money?

This was the Ninja Master Prep Professional review. Ninja Master Prep Professional is good kitchen tool to have because you get three different food making containers. You can make soups, smoothies, cocktails, salsas; chop the food for further cooking, etc.

It is affordable to any person and it be and stay healthy with Ninjadoesn’t mean that it’s bad quality. The blades are made from stainless steel and the plastic is BPA free.

It not only blades, chop and mix but the 450 watt power pod crushes ice perfectly. This is a multifunctional kitchen helper that will spare your time spent in the kitchen and also provide you nutritious meals and drinks for your health.

Choose to be healthy and vital with Ninja Master Prep Professional.