Read Our Ninja Professional Blender Review

Ninja Professional Blender ReviewWe all love making smoothies right? Read our Ninja Professional Blender review and see if it is appropriate for you. Did you know that you can have a nutrient powerful smoothie instead of sendwich in seconds? Sandwiches are past, its time for fast but healthy meal.

Here we go, SharkNinja made another great blender that is even more sophisticated and powerful than others before. It also has cups with the blender so you can easily take it where ever you go. This is ideal for those people who always hurry to a job and getting at home.

Ninja Professional Blender review will inform you about the features of this amazing machine. You will find out if this kitchen blender is right for you to use it and consume enjoy vitamins and minerals daily.

Ninja Professional Blender Review- Your Best Helping Hand in the Kitchen

Ninja professional blender is a professional blender with 1100 watts of power that blends everything you put in it. XL (72 oz.) capacity of blender is perfect for creating something healthy and sweet for whole family. With it you also get 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to go lids for your travel.

It includes:

  • Pitcher
  • Nutri Ninja blade assembly
  • Pitcher lid with locking handle
  • Stacked blade assembly
  • Motor base
  • Power cord
  • Nutri Ninja cup (x2)
  • To-go lids (x2)

Technical Details

These are the technical details of Ninja Professional Blender:

  • Model: BL660Ninja professional blender and cups
  • Voltage: 120V., 60Hz
  • Power: 1100 watts
  • Pitcher capacity: 72 oz (2.15 L, 9 cups)
  • Max liquid capacity: 64 oz (1.9 L, 8 cups)
  • Nutri Ninja cup capacity: 16 oz (470 ml, 2 cups)
  • Item dimensions: 12 x 9.25 x 16.38 in
  • Item weight: 9.96 lbs
  • Material type: plastic
  • Size: 64 ounces

What Could You Prepare with Ninja Professional Blender?

This high-power innovative kitchen blender has The Ninja® Total Crushingblades that break down the toughest ingredients like ice, nuts, whole fruits, vegetables, and more. You can make different kinds of food or souses, resort-style frozen drinks and ice cream for a whole family.

It comes with 2 Nutri Ninja cups that are appropriate for you to take it to your trip, office or in the gym. Your kids will also love it.

It is easy to make soups to. Wash the vegetables, chop it into big pieces and throw it in the blender. Add herbs and quality oil and blend it till the right density. The blender is powerful so you have no fear to blend nuts for a home-made spread, it is really better than those form the store that are also full of preservatives and other stuff that we don’t know.

Take care of your health and your family and try Ninja Professional Blender.

Which Speed should You Choose?

This blender has 3 speed levels and a pulse function.

Speed 1 – good for processing & mixing. Use this speed level to mix thin batters, gravies and marinades, scramble eggs and puree cooked foods. The lowest intensity level is also appropriate for uncooked fruits and chop vegetables for dips and salsa.

Speed 2 – second level is good for blending. Use this level to grate hard cheeses, cream soups, grind nuts, beat dips, thorough chopping, blend sauces and spreads. Ok for mixed drinks, powered drinks and milk shakes.

Speed 3 – appropriate speed for pureeing, liquefying and ice crushing. Use it for mixing smoothies, frappes, liquefy thick mixtures. It is also good for blending whole vegetables and fruits. You should also use this speed level for making chilled beverages or frozen slushes that will include ice snow.

Pulse function – Use this modern function to control chopping and processing food.

A Hint

Pulse function is a great way to clean your blender, just pour some water in a pitcher and pulse it for a few times. It cleans itself great.

When you are making cream soups don’t use hot ingredients, cool it down to room temperature and then place it in the pitcher. Ninja containers are not intended for hot blending.


Do not use it more than 4 minutes at a time because it can overheat.

Why buy this Blender over other great Blenders on the Market?

Ninja Professional Blender review also tells you why this blender is better than others already on the market. The answer is simple. It is a powerful kitchen tool that can spare your time in the kitchen and prepare you the most delicious and nutritious meals, beverages and sauces for different occasions.

It is a great choice because it has:

  • 1100 watts of powerNinja cups
  • Total crushing technology for crushing ice in seconds
  • XL capacity pitcher for whole family enjoyment
  • Additional 2 cups with to-go lids
  • All parts are BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy usage
  • User-friendly
  • Evenly chopped food
  • Easy to clean (pulse function)
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Can blade whole vegetables and fruits

Who is it for?

This blender is perfect for families with kids, parents and those people who love making smoothies and other healthy food variations.

Business people and athletes would love it because this model has cups included for easy consumption on the road, in the office or after a good workout in the gym.

It is appropriate for kids to consume healthy meal or snack in the school or at home when they are playing.

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What is the Price?

You can get this professional 1100 watts blender with 72 oz pitcher capacity and two additional 16 oz cups with to-go lids for a resonable price. When you order it you will not have to pay shipping costs.

Return Policy

The company is giving a 60-day money back60 day guarantee guarantee for the purchased product that doesn’t fit you. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it to them in 60 days after the purchase.


Blends ice and frozen fruit extremely fast. Due to the efficiency, speed and safety features, I like knowing that I can make baby food and smoothies in a heartbeat without my two year old killing himself because he tried to play with the blender while I had my back turned for 5 seconds- Not even possible! Would definitely buy again.


To be honest, I only use the pulse button so far because its so effective that my drinks are blended in just a few seconds. The price puts this unit ahead of other its that are two or more times the price. I don’t really know why anyone would want to pay more than this, its a great unit.

Bob L.

Amazing blender!! It came in one day, in great condition and it’s super big. It also blends great and it’s not too loud like my other ninja I have. It’s definitely an upgrade. 5 freaking stars!


Is it the right Blender for you?

If you are an athlete, a runner, a fitness freak or just a person who loves to live healthy; this is the right blender for you.

It is powerful enough to blend almost everything (even ice) so you don’t have to worry about its abilities.

Parents, with this blender you can take care of whole family because it has a big pitcher. It is great for traveling and when you are out of home. You can consume a quality meal whenever and wherever you want.

Price is low, if we review other blender products on the market. You get 1100 watts machine that will be your best helping hand in the kitchen.

==> Boost your health with Ninja Professional Blender today!